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Create In-cell bar charts in Excel

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Create In-cell bar charts in Excel

Post by ranjithkumar8352 on Thu May 15, 2014 6:41 am

Hello Everyone,

I would like to post 2 simple ways to create In-cell Bar charts which are simple but helps to analyse the data at a glance  Smile

The first way is using Data bars in conditional formatting.

First select the raw data you have then go to home tab > conditional formatting > Data bars > more rules > customize the color of bars here and make sure to tick 'Use data bar only' and its done  Cool 

Second way is using 'Rept' function in excel

First lets understand how Rept function works

The syntax is =REPT(text, numberoftimes)..You understood that right?  cheers  Yes, It just repeats the text the number of times given

Coming into charts we shall use "|" symbol in this function and then use playbill font so that it looks like bar chart in the way as shown in image

Make sure that you use playbill font, because its a bold font with high thickness which makes several  "|" to be joined as one big "|" and looks like a bar chart..

Hope it helped you.


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